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Dr. Jen’s dedication to helping you optimize your health extends beyond her office walls. Even if you can’t make it in for a visit – or even between visits – you can still work on achieving your best possible health with Dr. Jen’s at-home solutions.

get more energyThree Weeks to Endless Energy Program: Rev up your energy with Dr. Jen’s three-week, online training program. This program includes videos, guides, recipes and personal support from Dr. Jen to help you boost energy, stabilize moods, find focus, balance hormones and kick sugar cravings for good. Bonus program material includes information on adrenal and thyroid health as well as Dr. Jen’s tips to help you sleep better and manage stress.

 Rewire Your DesireRewire Your Desire Program for Women: Women of all ages struggling with low levels of sexual desire will benefit from Dr. Jen’s Rewire Your Desire Program for Women, where she shares her personal journey of discovery and years of expert research. Over the course of this six-week program, you’ll learn how to determine if hormonal imbalances may be responsible for your loss of desire, easy ways to boost sexual desire, tips for naturally rebalancing your hormones, the top toys for fun in the bedroom, and effective strategies for reclaiming your sex life.

 The Sex Drive Solution for Women: At age 28, Dr. Jen found herself facing a problem that many women experience, but few talk about – a lagging libido. She was stressed, tired and struggling to find answers. This experience inspired her to spend the next several years researching an effective solution for women whose sex drive had simply vanished. The Sex Drive Solution for Women is the result of Dr. Jen’s focus on this once-taboo subject. In her book and in her practice, Dr. Jen strives to empower women to grasp their sexuality and understand that all women deserve to have a healthy, thriving sex life and that it is ok to talk about it! This book is every woman’s go-to guide for reclaiming sexual desire at any age.


Jen’s Video Seminars: These two free video seminars are designed to help women learn and overcome common health complaints:


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  • I've been a patient of Dr. Landa for the past 3 months. I came to see her because I have all the menopause symptoms that were really driving me nuts and my cholesterol was high, my blood pressure was high, I have the night sweats, I have the mood swings. And I have to tell you that after 3 months…Read More
  • I came to see Doctor Landa 3 months ago and she understood all the problems that I have been concerned with. I have been taking the bioidentical hormones for three months and my life has improved tremendously. I feel great and I highly recommend Dr. Landa. *Results not typical. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider…Read More
  • I came to see Dr. Jennifer Landa about 14 months ago. The bioidentical hormones have worked great for me! I have a lot more energy and feel younger than ever. I have several medications that I've stopped taking 8 months into the program. I used HCG to help with weight loss and altogether, I've lost 36 lbs. I feel great…Read More


April 24, 2024

Exploring the Combination of Semaglutide and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT): Is It Right for You?

Advances in medical treatments for weight management and hormonal imbalances have led to significant interest in drugs like semaglutide and approaches like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). While each treatment […]

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