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Endocrine Health

An imbalance of your endocrine system can turn your world upside down. Two major glands of the endocrine system include the thyroid gland, located at the base of the neck, and the adrenal glands, located on top of each kidney. Each gland is responsible for the secretion of hormones that initiate essential functions throughout the body. An imbalance can affect your metabolism, sexual function and even your mind. Orlando Vitality offers specialized diagnostic tools and careful analysis of your medical history and symptoms during a one-on-one consultation with an expert physician to develop a custom treatment plan to address your thyroid and adrenal health concerns.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Disorders

Your tiny thyroid gland produces key hormones responsible for regulating your metabolism and energy levels. The primary thyroid hormones are triiodothyronine (or T3), thyroxine (T4), and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

When your thyroid produces either too few (as in hypothyroidism) or too many (as in hyperthyroidism) of these hormones, an overall hormone imbalance can occur. These imbalances are characterized by symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety, weight loss or gain, temperature intolerance, depression, hair loss, and muscle fatigue—among others.

You may have had a similar experience to that of many other patients—being told for years that your thyroid is “normal” by your primary care physician, yet your symptoms persist and your quality of life is suffering. This is because there is a difference between “normal” thyroid levels and optimal thyroid levels. The diagnosis of a normal thyroid is typically measured by a scale of averages—if your TSH levels are in that range, you’re likely to receive a diagnosis of “normal” by traditional standards of medical practices. But the fact is, those averages may not be normal for you and that means your thyroid isn’t functioning optimally.

The challenge continues once you are properly diagnosed with hypothyroidism, as you need to receive optimal treatment in order to feel your best. Traditional thyroid replacement consists of using a T4-only medication, usually synthroid or one of its generic equivalents. However, some people still suffer from low thyroid symptoms despite “normal” levels. For many people, T4-only therapy results in a suboptimal level of the thyroid hormone T3. The majority of the T3 in the body is obtained from conversion from T4. T3 is the most active thyroid hormone and is more active than T4 because T3 is 10-20 times more likely to bind to thyroid hormone receptors throughout the body than T4. The idea is that by taking T4 your body will convert it to T3 and all will be well. Unfortunately for many patients this is not the case as many things will interfere with this conversion, including the aging process itself. Optimal thyroid treatment involves measuring different thyroid hormone levels and developing a replacement plan that will suit each patient individually.

The team at BodyLogicMD of Orlando will assess your thyroid health from a comprehensive perspective, taking into account not only your TSH levels, but your T3 and T4 levels and whether there is a presence of thyroid antibodies. They will also assess your medical history, symptoms and the progressive changes to your lifestyle and overall health. Your thyroid can affect multiple aspects of your health and wellbeing, which is why you need to be better than normal—you need optimal function.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Adrenal Health Disorders

Your adrenal glands, while you may not think of them often, are vitally important to your health and quality of life. The adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system and are responsible for the production of a number of crucial hormones, including cortisol, DHEA and other hormones that you can’t live without and that, when out of balance, can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fatigued. That’s why BodyLogicMD of Orlando offers comprehensive diagnostic testing to assess adrenal health and comprehensive treatment plans to address adrenal dysfunction.

The symptoms of adrenal dysfunction are often dismissed as side effects of daily stress or even aging, leaving the condition unaddressed in many people. How do you know if your adrenal health needs some special attention? Ask yourself (and your friends and family):

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your adrenal health may be impaired. Adrenal distress and dysfunction can occur as a result of a major stressor, such as a death, divorce, illness or even positive life events, like getting married, moving or having a baby. Ongoing daily stressors, including financial pressures, career ambitions or struggles and difficulties in the bedroom can also take a heavy toll on your adrenal health.

Get Started On Feeling Your Best with BodyLogicMD of Orlando

If you suspect you may be suffering from thyroid or adrenal dysfunction, the expert medical team at BodyLogicMD of Orlando can help you diagnose your concerns through advanced lab testing and a comprehensive consultation that assesses your symptoms, lifestyle and medical history to develop an effective treatment plan. Restore optimal function to discover what living well really feels like—contact BodyLogicMD of Orlando today.




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